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Stanley Gate

Tue 12 April 2016

Members have reported concerns recently about the gate being locked at Stanley, R. Tay. We have now managed to gain contact with the landowner and are able to clarify opening times for this year. The gate at Burnmouth will open on May 1st and close on Aug. 31st (four months access for vehicles), be closed Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th, and open again from Oct. 16th to Jan. 15th (the opening date of the Tay Salmon fishing season). The landowner retains the right to alter dates as he wishes, but will try not to be unco-operative. The parking remains free to the public, so long as there is proper behaviour at Burnmouth, e.g. not leaving litter, lighting fires etc. The SCA makes an annual payment for this use, and it has become apparent that the gate being locked recently is not due to any non-payment.

The issue of litter at Burnmouth has been a hot topic. The whole issue of public access at Burmouth is a very long story, and very frustrating to the Stanley community, and we have had many meetings over the years to discuss this. Currently, a local primary school, plus some residents at Burnmouth, keep an eye on litter, as does Geordie, as do some SCA Board members. The bins there now were organised by the SCA and we would ask the paddling community to remain vigilant, and continue to set good examples of conduct to other members of the public.