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Tree blockages on River Isla

Thu 26 June 2014

Tree blockages on R Isla between Meigle (Bridge of Crathies) and metal bridge near Aberbothrie 

This is the 6 km stretch used often in the summer for open boats. During last winter, the river was navigable in high water, but at current lower levels (early June 2014), these trees pose serious problems, with no easy portages around them.

The first is about halfway down this stretch, where there are green farm sheds high on the left bank, and just after a pump extracting water from the river. A mass of debris completely blocks the river, the banks are high and vegetated, and it is possible to walk/swim over the mass, and haul boats over, but this is hazardous.

A few hundred metres further on is a second, just possible to pass next to the left bank with care, but this passage could easily block as well.

The third is only about 200m. down, after a sharp left-hand bend, with quite a swift current flowing through it.It is possible to portage on the right bank, where there is a grass margin, but the way up and back down, after 200m or so, is also steep, and not easy. Downriver, and in sight from the third blockage is a another narrowing of the river, which could also block easily.Local paddlers will be attempting to tackle the blockages in the near future, and cut passages, but in the meantime, please take great care