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Vehicle Access - Luncarty, River Tay

Mon 07 July 2014

The same access point for vehicles has been used at Luncarty for over 50 years, formerly around the old mills, and latterly past the new housing estate, reaching the river down a narrow unmade road. In 2009, a barrier erected to replace a solid barrier could have been opened at times but has not been due to opposition by local residents. The residents have now petitioned P. and K. Council to close the road to vehicles due, it is said, by dangerous driving by people with vans, trailers, and canoes or rafts. It will be made pedestrian only, and very soon a barrier will be erected at the bridge over the mill lade where the unmade road bends sharply.
This access is at the first left cul-de-sac off Taypark Road – alternative parking is available at the third cul-de-sac (unnamed), where there are two arms of the road allowing turning. The access is 50 yds up the path from this parking, with a left turn and another 50 yds walk to the access point down to the river. The council is said to be considering extending this road to enable more access to the area.