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Whiteadder - Abbey Saint Bathans Hazard

Mon 08 January 2018
Whiteadder - Abbey Saint Bathans - Line of Metal and Wood in the river

There is a line of jagged metal and wood extending into the Whiteadder river (see picture), at Abbey Saint Bathans. This obstruction is at rough ford (GR 763617) about 100 meters down stream from the Council Maintained tarmac Ford. Paddlers who use the regular put in at GR 762618 may already be aware of this. 



The landowner is attempting to form an almost river wide barrier to protect this rough Ford and has left a gap on river (right if picture) for paddlers to easily pass through.

However at river levels above .7 + the metal and wood barrier cannot be seen and its existence will not be obvious to paddlers who are new to this stretch of the river please take care on this stretch.