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Canoe Slalom - Canoe Scotland


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SCA Performance

SCA Performance runs programmes in 2 Olympic disciplines, Sprint and Slalom canoeing. Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics games will give canoeing the opportunity to introduce a 3rd discipline - Paracanoeing.

SCA Performance aims to enable talented Scots to enter GB Canoeing programmes and go on to win Olympic Medals in Olympic canoeing disciplines. The performance framework is different from the development of competition across all disciplines – which is taken care of by the respective SCA Competition committees.


  • We will make Scotland a reference in the UK and the world for Talent development and Performance delivery.
  • We will contribute towards GB canoeing vision “To be the number 1 Olympic canoeing nation with success and depth of excellence at every level”

SCA Performance programme

SCA Performance annually publish a document to define its performance programmes and to informed about the inclusion process and criteria. 

SCA Performance operates two programmes from October to end of September the following year:

  • The Vision  programme supports athletes showing the potential to reach finals and podiums at Junior and U23 World and European Championships in the GB Team in order to access the GB Podium Potential programmes over the next 2-3 years in targeted Olympic disciplines
  • The Horizon programme  supports Junior athletes building strong basic skills to Select in Junior GB Team within 2~3 years and being ready to manage all the steps leading to world class level in targeted Olympic disciplines.

SCA 4 pillars to generate performance

To push the performance forward, we deliver support to Scottish athletes nominated in the different programmes through 4 Key factors:

  • Coach contact time: We work with high calibre people (SCA Staff, Club coaches and Volunteers) to deliver coach led training on a day to day basis at identified places, and also during training camps and races, to consistently follow, advise and coach athletes towards their journey
  • Race Environment contact time: We organise training camps and support races to give athletes world class standard experience to prepare and succeed at major events.
  • Daily Training Environment: This is our commitment to raise the standard of local training in Scotland. We work closely with local clubs, schools and different local partner to generate a competitive environment and a coordinated support to access all facilities needed to generate high performance.
  • Research & Development:  We want to discover and create new knowledge about talent development and performance delivery to enabling canoieng to better support athletes and coaches.