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Marketing for Clubs

Promoting and marketing your club can be a highly effective means of attracting more members, volunteers and funding.  It can also integrate it more fully with the community.  You can use a wide range of tools to promote and market your club - from posters, flyers and events to social networking and websites.

If you are looking to increase the promotion and marketing of your club, it is useful to write a plan, covering the following areas:

  • What is the aim of your promotion - e.g. to attract more club members or volunteers, raise funds, publicise an event or competition
  • What are the key messages you want to communicate - e.g. what your club membership offers, activities etc
  • Who will you be communicating to - targeting audience can help you  select an appropriate technique to use - e.g if you are seeking additional junior members, you could target schools and social networking
  • How will you do it - which club members will carry out the actions and what resources do you need (time, money etc)

 Below are some of the tools your club may be able to use:

  • Adverts in Local Press - allows you to reach the local community advertising to people who may not have heard about your club
  • Posters - appropriately positioned they can provide an inexpensive way to advertise.   For a template poster click here.
  • Press Releases & Local Radio - can be a great way to promote your message for a minimal cost
  • Flyers - e a good way to communicate simple messages annd publicise membership special offers etc
  • Club Website - an effective way to attract new members and publicise more detailed information about your club
  • Events - having an event to advertise can raise publicity about your club and attract beginners / people new to the sport 


Canoe clubs in Scotland are run by volunteers who play a crucial role.  The SCA is committed to supporting clubs in providing good quality opportunities for volunteers.

Recruiting and retaining volunteers can often be difficult, but it is vital for the future of most sports clubs across Scotland.  Increasingly, as people’s time becomes more valuable, it is important that clubs consider how they can recruit, support, recognise and reward their most valuable resource – their volunteers.