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Members and Events Portal

Click the picture to log in to Go Membership: 


Access Go Membership - to access Go Membership, visit:

Please see the following videos for hints and tips on how to work the system. If you have any queries or problems, please get in touch with the office on 0131 317 7314. 

1. Logging in to Go Membership

2. Joining the SCA or renewing your membership

3. Navigating your profile

4. Club Administrators: Navigating your club records

5. Club Administrators: Adding and managing club members

6. Club Administrators: Completing the club affiliation application/renewal

7. For members of BC/CW/CANI - how to add your membership to SCA records

In Go Membership you can:

  • Join or renew membership 
  • Register or check in for a coaching / leadership qualification
  • Browse / book online for events 
  • Manage your profile
  • View / update your qualifications and training records 
  • Club secretaries can manage the club profile and members details 
  • Access Member Advantages; the SCA discount scheme
  • View documents, such as SCA Board Meeting minutes, and other committee meeting minutes

If you have any issues or queries, then please get in touch by calling the office 0131 317 7314 or emailing Go Membership has been through rigorous testing over the past few months, however please bear with us over this transition period while staff adapt to the new system. 

We are keen for feedback on Go Membership, please send any feedback you might have to - thank you!


We will add more questions in due course. If you need help please email
Club Secretary FAQs
Q: I've tried to create a new record using the same email address as another family member and get a message saying username exists.
A: It is acceptable to use the same email address for multiple members (e.g. if multiple family members use a single email address). However, it is not possible to have the same username (used to log in). Therefore, edit the username field to firstname.lastname. If this is rejected (because someone else already has this username), add some numbers to the end of the username to make it unique. 
Q: I am trying to add a member and don’t have their email address. 
An email is required for all records. However, if you do not know an email for someone, enter as the email address and edit the username to firstname.lastname. If this is rejected (because someone else already has this username), add some numbers to the end of the username to make it unique. 
Q: What emails will be sent to Affiliated Club Members ? 
Once the club secretary completes the registration of an Affiliated Club Member, one email is sent to the person confirming they have been registered with SCA and explaining they are insured for club approved activities only. The purpose of this is to ensure the individual is aware the SCA holds their data and to avoid confusion about insurance coverage. 
Q: What does ‘No membership’ mean? 
This means the individual is linked to the club but does not have an active SCA membership or Affiliated Club Membership. They are therefore not insured to be involved in club activities. 
Click on the ‘No membership’ circle at the top of the page to identify those people then open their record and add a membership.  
Q: I’ve tried entering a new member but the system says they might already exist. 
The system will check if the new record you are trying to create matches an existing record. If it matches surname, date of birth and postcode, an alert will be shown. Instead 
Q: I’ve tried to link an existing member but I cannot see them on the list. 
Members will only show own your list once the person has clicked on the link in the email sent to them. This ensures club secretaries do not have unauthorised access to records. You may need to prompt the individual separately to click on the link.
Q: What does “Add Existing Member’ mean? 
Add Existing member is used to link a record for a person already in the SCA database. This may include current or former SCA members, current or former club members from your own club or any other club, or any person who has taken part in SCA events or courses. Once you enter the combination of two pieces of information, an email will be sent. If they do not have an email address, please contact SCA office. 


To order any Paddlepower or Cross-stream challenge items, please download the order form (word version) to return by post or email.  Discounts apply for SCA Affiliated Club or Quality Mark Providers. 

Books available for purchase: 

Scottish Canoe Touring - An SCA Canoe and Kayak Guide - £14.95 

To place an order please call the SCA Office 0131 317 7314 

Scottish White Water - 3rd Edition

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