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White water - Canoe Scotland

Water Releases

Wild Water Racing - Canoe Scotland

Water Releases

White water - Canoe Scotland

Water Releases

White water - Canoe Scotland

Water Releases


SEPA have control over freshet releases on larger scale hydro schemes in Scotland and it is important to note that not every river scheme has a scheduled freshet. The SCA liaises with SEPA and has secured (where possible) alternative times for releases to suit paddlers and events in those areas. 

We have attempted to 'pull' the most useful information from the SEPA document and present it in a reasonably user friendly manner.  We have included all of the rivers where we know or suspect white water paddling is affected by freshet releases. If in doubt, you should check the original document.  Please contact us with any errors or omissions.

Below are details for the Garry (near Fort William), Lyon, Upper Tummel, Awe and Moriston. Details as to how the freshet on the Lyon affects the whitewater section are limited, but it seems likely that the water will take 24-36 hours to reach the whitewater section. If you find out more, please contact us. 

To view the freshets document click here

River Awe

1 May – 23 December
NGR: NN 0453 2868 LOCATION: Awe Barrage
The first release will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018, starting at 08:00 and finishing at 20:00.
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May, starting at 06:00 and finishing at 18:00 on each day.
Thereafter, on the following Sundays starting at 08:00 and will continue for 24 hours: 
29th July
26th August
30th September
Each of the following releases (all Fridays) start at 12:00 and last for 3 days:
12th October
26th October
9th November
23th November
7th December
21st December

River Garry

NGR: NH 2759 0202             
LOCATION: Garry (Invergarry)             
Release commences at 08:00 on the stated day and continues for 20 hours until 04:00 on the following day (unless otherwise stated).       
1 Thursday 22nd March
2 Thursday 29th March
3 Thursday 5th April
4 Saturday 7th April
5 Thursday 12th April
6 Thursday 19th April
7 Thursday 26th April
8 Friday 27th April
9 Thursday 3rd May
10 Saturday 5th May
11 Saturday 12th May
12 Thursday 17th May
13 Thursday 24th May
14 Thursday 31st May
15 Thursday 7th June
16 Thursday 21st June
17 Thursday 28th June
18 Saturday 30th June
19 Thursday 5th July
20 Saturday 7th July
21 Thursday 12th July
22 Saturday 14th July
23 Thursday 19th July
24 Thursday 26th July
25 Saturday 28th July (Start at 6:00 and run until 19:00)
26 Thursday 2nd August
27 Saturday 4th August
28 Thursday 9th August
29 Saturday 11th August
30 Thursday 16th August
31 Thursday 23rd August
32 Thursday 30th August
33 Thursday 6th September
34 Sunday 9th September (Start at 6:00 and run until 19:00)
35 Thursday 20th September
36 Thursday 27th September
37 Thursday 4th October
38 Thursday 11th October
39 Thursday 18th October
40 Thursday 25th October

River Lyon

Stronuich (upper Glen Lyon, Grid reference NN5073 4200)  This scheme is a long way upstream of the whitewater section described in the SCA whitewater guide.  The release on the River Lyon arrives at the McGregors Leap (SCA described) section on the next day. It is runnable in the morning but better in the afternoon. Thanks to Neill Wardman for the information.  

Three additional freshets will be available for release at the request of SEPA. Five working days’ notice will be given for their release.

Release commences at 15:00 the stated day, continues for 20 hours, finishing at 11:00 the following day.

Freshet Release Dates:

1. Monday 16th April
2. Friday 27th April
3. Thursday 3rd May
4. Monday 7th May
5. Wednesday 16th May
6. Friday 25th May
7. Friday 1st June
8. Tuesday 5th June
9. Wednesday 13th June
10. Thursday 21st June
11. Monday 25th June
12. Friday 6th July
13. Wednesday 11th July
14. Friday 20th July
15. Thursday 25th July
16. Monday 30th July
17. Tuesday 7th August
18. Tuesday 14th August
19. Friday 24th August
20. Thursday 30th August
21. Thursday 6th September
22. Wednesday 12th September
23. Thursday 20th September
24. Friday 28th September
25. Tuesday 2nd October

River Moriston (Dundreggan Dam)

River Moriston

1st May - 31st October 2018: Releases take place one per week and commence at 11:00 every Tuesday until 16:00 the next day. 

The SCA has secured the following releases once a month on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday. Paddlers must manage themselves appropriately (parking, changing, litter, etc) or these releases will not happen in future years. Please help us to show our contributions to the community and stay/buy things in the local area. 

Saturday 26th May starting at 05:00 continuing for 29 hours until 10:00 on Sunday.
Saturday 9th June starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours until 14:00 on Sunday.
Saturday 14th July starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours until 14:00 on Sunday.
Saturday 4th August starting at 10:00 continuing for 32 hours until 18:00 on Sunday.
Saturday 8th September starting at 05:00 continuing for 29 hours until 10:00on Sunday. ( All laybys at the river will be closed due to Wet West Paddlefest)

Upper Tummel (Dunalastair Dam)

NGR: NN 7215 5912 LOCATION: Upper Tummel, Dunalastair

Freshet releases commence at 14:00 on the stated day continuing for 47 hours until 13:00 on day three. Except from the following two freshets:

  • Friday 29th June will commence at 14:00 and continue for 47 hours until 13:00 on the following Sunday.
  • Friday 24th August will commence at 14:00 and continue for 47 hours until 13:00 on the following Sunday.

Starting at 14:00 for 47 hours:

1. Monday 4th June
2. Wednesday 13th June
3. Friday 29th June
4. Wednesday 4th July
5. Monday 16th July
6. Friday 27th July
7. Monday 6th August
8. Wednesday 15th August
9. Friday 24th August
10. Wednesday 5th September
11. Monday 17th September
12. Friday 28th September
13. Monday 8th October
14. Wednesday 17th October
15. Monday 29th October

Lower Tummel (Clunie)

NGR: NN 8843 6027 LOCATION: Lower Tummel, Clunie

1st June – 30th September
Freshets shall be released weekly and shall commence at 16:00 on Friday continuing for 64 hours until 08:00 on Monday.