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Scottish River Levels

Readings downloaded from SEPA at Mon 19 Mar 2018 17:36

Most recent SEPA reading: North Esk (Upper) at 19/03/2018 17:15:00 reading 0.618

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River Section Grade Level Trend Link
Garry 3 Empty FALLING
Tweed (Berwick) Medium FALLING
Gryfe Empty RISING
Yarrow 2/3 Scrape RISING
Ayr Scrape FALLING
Findhorn (Gorge) 3/4 (5) Low RISING
Brora 2 Empty RISING
Inver 4 Empty FALLING
Upper Meig 2/3 Low FALLING
Allan Water 3+(4) Scrape RISING
Tay (Stanley) 2/3 Medium FALLING
Findhorn (Middle) 2/3 Scrape RISING
Girvan 3 Empty FALLING
Kelvin 3 Low RISING
Findhorn (Upper) 3 (4) Scrape RISING
Lochay 4(5) Empty RISING
Avon (Glasgow) (Lower) Empty FALLING
Falloch (Upper) 2-4(5) Empty RISING
Spean (Gorge) 4 Scrape FALLING
Spey 1-2 Scrape FALLING
Tilt (Marble Lodge) 4(5) Empty RISING
Leny 3/4(5) Low FALLING
Avon (Glasgow) (Upper) 3(4) Empty FALLING
Falloch (Lower) 4/5 Empty RISING
Tay (Grandtully) 2(3) Low FALLING
Oykel 3(6) Empty FALLING
Findhorn (Top) 3(4) Empty RISING
Thurso 2/3 Empty STABLE
Tarff 5 Low FALLING
Border Esk 3(4) Empty FALLING
Nith (Drumlanrig) 3/4 Old Data
Averon of Alness 3/4 Scrape RISING
Snizort 3/4 Scrape RISING
Blackwater (Perthshire) 4 Scrape RISING
Cree 4(5) Empty FALLING
Nevis (Upper) 4(5) Empty RISING
Lochy (nr Orchy) 5 Empty FALLING
Clyde Medium RISING
Luss Water 4(4+) Scrape RISING
Helmsdale 3/4(4+) Low STABLE
Feshie Low RISING
North Esk (Upper) 4/4+ Empty RISING
Carron (Wester Ross) Low FALLING
Braan (Upper) 2-4 Empty RISING
Lochy (Fort William) 1 (2/3) Scrape FALLING
Naver 2 Low FALLING
Teith 2 Low STABLE
Orchy (Middle) 3-5 Empty STABLE
Minnoch 5 Low RISING
Carron (Easter Ross) 4 (4+) Low RISING
Dee (Grampian) 1-3 Scrape STABLE
Lyon 3-4(5) Low FALLING
North Esk (Lower) 3 (4) High RISING
Dochart 4 Empty RISING
Ericht 2/3(5) Empty RISING
Braan (Gorge) 4/5 Low RISING
Muick 3+ (5) Low STABLE
Almond (Lothian) 2 (3) Empty STABLE
Tay (Kenmore) 1-2 Medium FALLING
Tweed (Peebles) 1-2 Needs Calibrations STABLE
South Esk (Angus) 1/3 Empty RISING
Don 2-3 Medium FALLING
Water of Ruchill 3(4+) Empty STABLE

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