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Mon 30 January 2017

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Over the past few years British Canoeing has considered its offering of Stand Up Paddleboard qualifications and awards. The following suite of programmes have been designed to provide options for the Stand Up Paddleboard community.


River Muick: Ballater Hazard

UPDATE: There is a new bridge over the river at chest height, or other critical heights as the river rises (GR 362946). Its a relatively improvised (estate) bridge but substantial enough to do somebody a lot of damage.  Paddlers should avoid the lower Muick by Millton of Brackley.


Isle of Rum: Landing / Camping Notice

Isle of Rum Red Deer Project


Lower Meig: Hazard

The Lower/Gorge Section of the Meig has two aluminium rowing boats stuck in it which are breaking up, one above the first weir and one below teacup rapid.  We have dragged them out of the water and tied them up the bank where hopefully they will remain but they may get washed back in and paddlers


Congratulations to Scottish Athletes selected for this season!

The last two months have seen Scottish athletes competing in selection races for places on the GB team for the upcoming season. 

There have been fantastic performances by many athletes, with grit, determination and sportsmanship being shown across the board. 


River Tay: Smeaton's Bridge

Also known as Perth Bridge. Beneath the 2nd arch on the right, a large portion of light fitting has fallen down from the bridge.  The metal support arms holding the fittings in place, has completely rusted through.


The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (CANI) – Chief Officer

The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (CANI) is looking for an outstanding passionate leader with energy and resilience, who will passionately promote their vision and mission, to continue to enrich the experiences of their current members, g


River Tweed: Lower Makerstoun

Potential danger at Lower Makerstoun on the River Tweed which is being caused by discarded shopping trolleys.


Spey: Fiddich Park Campsite

The toilets at Fiddich Park campsite on the Spey Way at Craigellechie have been closed by Moray Council due to budget cuts. The water supply at the rear of the toilets has also been cut off.

The bins are still there.